Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)

Register your trademark in the Trademark Clearinghouse database and protect your brand! And prevent third parties from registering domain names that coincide with your registered and validated trademarks.

In view of the network expansion program, which would bring about over 1000 new generic extensions, ICANN (the body that internationally coordinates Internet domains) created a tool that would allow registered trademark owners to protect their brands ahead of time.

This initiative brought about the creation of the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), a centralized database containing registered and validated trademarks. The service is managed by Deloitte as validator and by IBM as technical administrator of the database.

Every new gTLD that comes about will have to rely on the TMCH to validate registration requests during Sunrise periods.

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Protect your brand and prevent third parties from registering domain names that coincide with your registered trademark.


  • With the SMD file you are assigned to participate in the sunrise periods of all new generic domains!
  • You Benefit, for 90 days after you open the domain, from the domain request notification service that coincides with your trademark (Trademark Claims Service).

TMCH prices

Trademark validation
Price / year (VAT not included) 249€
Price / 3 years (VAT not included) 720€
(240€ / year)
Price / 5 years (VAT not included) 1150€
(230€ / year)

Abused labels

In order to increase the protection of your brand once validated, ask for other labels in addition to those self-generated by the TMCH system.

Once your trademark has been filed at the TMCH, a list of names or labels will be generated (10 are included in the annual fee, which can be increased by paying a small extra), referring to that brand according to pre-determined matching rules.

However, it is possible to add different labels than those generated by the TMCH system if the trademark holder has obtained the reassignment of domain names through UDRP arbitration or through court proceedings.

New Abused labels are not added to the SMD file. This means that you will NOT be able to participate in the Sunrise with the new Abused Labels, but you will only receive the Claims Service.

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